Friday, May 04, 2007

An Open Letter To Congress

Since our fearless leader broke out his shiny new veto pen to use on the Iraq Accountablity Act, there has been much debate as to what to do next. My question is WHY?? You are engaged in the ultimate game of "Chicken" with a tyrant. You were placed in that position by an overwhelming majority of the people you work for, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. You are there acting on OUR behalf. For God's sake, don't blink!!!!

Let's not forget that this man was not only given everything he asked for in terms of funding, but was actually given MORE than he requested. The only caveat was a non-binding timetable for withdrawl from the gaping maw of death and destruction that is Iraq. NON-BINDING!!!!

An analogy may be in order. Let's say my 12 year old daughter presents me with a proposal for a birthday party. I tell her that I'd like to try to keep the costs as close to $100 as possible. If she looks at me with complete and utter disdain, telling me that she can't possibly be expected to plan a party with with any kind of financial limits placed upon her, I do what any parent worth their salt would do. I tell her that if she does not accept my offer, she will need to find a way to fund it herself... NEXT YEAR because this year she'll be doing community service on her special day.

What's my point? This president is acting like an ill-behaved adolescent. Send the same bill back to him and let him continue to hold his breath. So what if he doesn't like it??? Too bad!!! Trust me, he'll have to take a breath sooner or later. Under no circumstances should you give in to him. HE is the one responsible now for cutting funds for the troops, not you. The American people know that. Do not cave under his threats and foot-stomping. Rescind his authority because if he can't play nicely, he shouldn't be allowed to play at all. This man needs boundaries set. GIVE THEM TO HIM!!!


Jamie said...

I've been telling everybody I know they should simply pass the same bill again and send it to him again and keep doing it until he signs the damn thing. All the while shouting at the top of their lungs, "We gave you the money a**hole! If you run out it is your problem".

Women on the Verge said...

I couldn't agree more!


Bart said...


When I read that he vetoed the bill, I was both surprised and not surprised. Petulant adoloscent behavior.

RebelliousRenee said...

nice analogy....

but let's take this one step further.....
I think Poppy needs to get with it and take this petulant child over his knee for heaven's sakes....

someone..... somewhere needs to act like an adult...

TomCat said...


busterp said...

Nicely put. I was for just giving up on it. I see your logic and it makes sense.

MichaelBains said...

Poppy may certainly NOT be as dumb (unintelligent; incapable of retaining knowledge, imbeciliac) as teh Shrub, but he is definitely just as stupid and even more-so a part of the problem. All either of 'em can see is what's in it for them and theirs.

They honestly think what they want is for the best. That, IMO, is what makes them the most dangerous.

Nice letter, Ethyl. Hope they hear it!

Gledwood said...

I'm no expert on American constitution & government, but would I be right in thinking one reason Bush may be a bit of an international show-off-cum-bully is that he has free rain to do as he pleases internationally while domestic acts must be approved by congress?

At long last I just put up my childhood story on mine which took AGES to write (to get it in the right order as much as anything ...) You're welcome to drop by & peruse it if you like.

Meanwhile, take care and all the best


Catmoves said...

A capital idea E, but I have never heard of our Congress sending the same bill back to the President. Once veteod, I know they can vote to override the veto. Unhappily, that will not garner enough votes to carry.
Michaelbains had it right. Our Pres thinks he is correct, and that is what makes him dangerous in his power seat.
He's ignored Dwight Eisenhower's caveat wherein he stated: "Beware of the Military/Industrial Complex."
DDE, who was probably our greatest general of all time (with apologies to GW), had seen the problems with trying to operate a complex, vicious war with industry breathing down your neck to buy, buy, buy.
Unfortunately Dubya is not of DDE's caliber, and seems to be easily led by others.
For Gledwood, the president has more power domestically than he has internationally. I'm still wondering why he didn't ask Congree' permission to invade a foreighn country.

Shameless Agitator said...

Dubya has been acting like an ill-behaved kid for a long time now. I'm only 39 years old, and according to Dubya's philosophy, I am still in my "lost years." So it doesn't matter what I do this year. I can be saved and it all gets erased?

LET'S TALK said...

The House failed to get the two-thirds majority necessary to override the President's veto.

There could be a small funding bill that would allow the Dems. to battle on with this President and his veto.

Maybe now Republicans can see that this man has problems and so does his Republican friends in the House.

Bush seems to be against the average American... so if he is not for us, well I guess you know the rest!

Tom Harper said...

Good post. That's the trouble with Bush -- the spoiled brat is used to getting his own way every time he thrusts out his lower lip and stamps his foot.

Congress needs to stick to their guns and show the trustfund baby some toughlove.

Who Hijacked Our Country

Mauigirl said...

You are so right. I'm afraid this bill will only end up being symbolic and the Democrats will cave in. It's too bad they couldn't override the veto.

Marva said...

I so agree with you on this. I'm ashamed of the Dems for caving on it. They should have just kept sending the same bill back with a couple of MINOR changes so they could claim it wasn't the one he vetoed before.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Go Ethel, Go!!! They need to send that bill back and then garner the votes to override the next veto or watch as citizens from both parties kiss their little asses goodbye. It will be a real shockaroo to both parties if Libertarians or Independents start taking the seats during the next election cycle.

two crows said...

hey, E--
I sent this letter in it's entirety to 2 senators and my representative.
I recommend everyone send it to any congress persons who haven't shown that they're Bush's lapdogs. if enough of us send them the letter, maybe they'll set a precedent and just start sending the bill back to him.
I think it's obvious it's the only logical thing to do under the circumstances: take the adult role to his petulant child.

Mark said...

See your favourite person has been getting his lines mixed up again, it was only a matter of 200 years, but hey who's counting.
Cheers Mark

FunkyTown Fighter said...

He IS acting like an adolescent, and GOOD for you for calling him the childish Bastard that he is! BTW I LOVE your blog, I am a HUGE I LOVE LUCY fan!!!!!!

Women on the Verge said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!


yep, me too.


Let's get real here... the reason W acts the way he does is cause Poppy must've never disciplined him in the first place... although I'm sure Condi'd do it with the proper incentive...




I realize it'll be like trying to plug a hole with a grain of rice, but heck... we've got to at least try , right?

michael b-

They're a very dangerous crew alright... must've learned at Machiavelli's knee.


I can't wait to read it!! I'll zip over later tonight!!


I vote then that we send the bill back giving EVEN MORE to the troops, but stand firm on the timetable... every time he vetoes, give him a bit more. Force him to explain how the bill "hurts" the troops when his veto is keeping them from getting funded.
As far as the Military Industrial Complex goes, I'm not sure there's much chance they'll pay any attention to Dwight's warning when they're the ticks feeding off of it.


Hey, I never thought of it that way... W
ooohooo! I guess I'm in the clear too!!!!

let's talk-

Agreed. Dub is only for ya if you make at least a million a year.

tom harper-

Either that or withhold his liquid diet...


That's why it's so important that we all call Congress... we need to let them know that we do not under any circumstances want them to cave...


I'm with you!!!

pursey t-

Wouldn't you love to see their faces if Mike Gravel, or Ron Paul win?????

two crows-

*blushing* I'm honored that you liked it that much... thank you!!! I only pray that it helps... even a little bit.


I heard... hey, what's a couple hundred years between friends anyway?? Seriously though... did you see the look she gave him?? A disgusted mom look if ever I saw one...


Welcome and thank you so much for the kind words!! Lucy and I really enjoy blogging... and our families do too cause it means we do our ranting here instead of pacing around in circles and muttering.


Mando Mama said...

Wow, you're giving him a lot of credit...I think he's more toddler than adolescent. Everyone here is right.

What, what do you do when the leader of the free world is completely DELUSIONAL? I think most of us, having our heads that far up our butts would, at some point, begin at least to show signs of discomfort. Not this bully. Still in his anal stage, I reckon. Unfortunately, we are the ones who are just so screwed.