Saturday, April 14, 2007

Imus Mess

I planned to sit here and rant about Don Imus and his racist debacle, but I found the entire mess way to repulsive. That, in itself, says it all.


RUTH said...

Ummm. being a Brit and a bit out of touch with your politics?? I don't have a clue what you're on about. But know you're a great person so I'm backing you! I see my blogfried Mauigirl has a similar post title.
shall direct her your way.

Marva said...

Strangely, nobody has given Imus credit for his non-profit ranch operating for children with cancer. I don't particularly like the guy's show and haven't listened in ages, but I do recall him talking about the ranch. So, I guess he's not evil incarnate, just another stupid man who puts his foot in his mouth.

NOTE: I, in no way, excuse Imus for his comments. Forgiveness and understanding must come from the Rutgers team.

Marva said...

That wikipedia article ends with:


Mauigirl said...

Hi Women on the Verge - agree with your repulsion about Imus.

Marva, interestingly, a couple of my friends have brought up the Imus Ranch and his charitable efforts. I applaud him for them, that's great. But Paul Newman does charitable stuff too - and without insulting and hurting people with his words. I agree he probably just thinks of what he does on the radio as the way he makes his living. But I hope this incident will make him rethink the way he maks his living, especially if he is as generous as he may actually be underneath.

Mauigirl said...

Sorry for a couple of typos there...

Anonymous said...

As far as Imus' good side...I'm sure the pedophiliac preists have done some good and forgiven themselves but I still find them repulsive and evil. There is no excuse for perpetuating racism or religious intolerance, rape, murder, hatred or any other abuse. I'm sure the KKK has helped one of their own through college. Does that make them good?
As a white cracker, mayonaise faced houlie, I do not allow that nastiness in my house and if it happens in my presence I stop it. I would expect anyone else who loves the human race to do no less.

Marva said...

Anonymous: I absolutely agree except in a bit less strong language.

Well, Al Capone ran soup kitchens for the poor. I don't think that makes up for slaughtering dozens of people or any of the other illegal things he did. Except booze running, of course. Making that illegal simply created a way for Al to get rich.

TomCat said...

Imus put his foot in it once too often against much too sympathetic a target. I think that people who use such hate-speech should not have a public forum from which to do so, so I support MSNBC and CBS radio for firing him. He has also done good things. None among us are all good or all bad. I'm sure even Bush is kind to his dog, sometimes.

However, Imus wasn't fired for racism, sexism, or hate speech. If the MSM really cared about such things, Coulter, Beck, Limbaugh, O'Lielly and Savage would be gone too. Many rap and hip-hop artists would also be fired. Imus crime is that his offense caused sufficient public response as to cost his employers advertising dollars. That was the real crime for which he was fired.

two crows said...

hey, TC--
I'm sure you're right on the money [pun intended] here.
Gwen Ifill made the point yesterday that the media didn't jump on this [or touch it] until the sponsors started pulling their support. then, suddenly, it was news.
10 years ago, Imus referred to her as 'the cleaning lady who covers the White House.' that didn't make the news then. it mattered to HER, tho.

and, marva--
credit _has_ been given where due about the ranch.
I've never listened to Imus--though, not living under a rock, I was aware of him.
I had no knowledge about his ranch, tho, till this week when his defenders put that info out there.
imnsho, that does not excuse him.
Hitler was a vegetarian because he believed killing animals was wrong.

my hope [though not a huge one] is that this will be a turning point and that it will begin to dawn on us that hate-mongering is not an acceptable way for ANYONE to make a living.

Women on the Verge said...

Apparently Mr. I thought that his charitable work would cancel out his hateful comments. Life doesn't work that way. I'm not calling him evil, though the whole "shock jock" thing is pretty nasty, but his remarks (meant to shock, I'm sure) were demeaning, racist, and sexist. I wish the firing was related directly to his behavior rather than the money... but welcome to America.


Catmoves said...

Some years, while having a sort of sleepness night, I found Don Imus (during a surfing episode) on MSNBC. I'd never heard of him. I watched in abject revulsion for perhaps two hours while he ranted, raved and insulted as many people as he could.
I decided then, that although I would protect his freedom, his entry to my home would be barred my remote control.
That is the form of censorship I use and approve of in cases like this. I don't think much of the sponsors (whoever they may be) nor have I any respect for Bill Gate's news station over this issue.
As you can tell, I have never had any respect for Don Imus.

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