Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Poem by Lucy's 13 year old Son

My son was inspired to write the following poem. I found it pretty amusing because he is honest to a fault....

Cheaters never win they say,
I've come to hear that much,
But everything I've cheated for,
Has come into my clutch.
From books and games and magazines,
and all the toys galore,
Getting all these things just makes
me want to cheat some more.
So "Cheaters never win" those words,
they put me in such pain,
When the truth of the matter is,
That cheaters always gain.


Flimsy Sanity said...

I'd like to tell him he is wrong, but I just got cheated by a Home Depot rebate scam and by a mechanic and I believe they will both continue to prosper. I liked the poem very much.

Pursey Tuttweiler said...

Oh my,
I am going to send this to my mother. I have no idea what it would be like to have a child write such a poem because I have no children, so I will ask Mom. That poem amused the heck out of me, but gracious, I think I would be both amused and horrified if I had a child who wrote such. I think he has a wicked sense of humor and is pulling our leg!

Marva said...

Already a cynic. He'll go far.

RUTH said...

Sad to say he is so right! I remember my mum saying to me "If you ask you don't get"...think she got it wrong as I never asked but I never got.

Jamie said...

You allowed your child to spend time with the President?

Isn't that child abuse? :-)

Women on the Verge said...

"You allowed your child to spend time with the President?

Isn't that child abuse? :-) "

LOL, jamie... He is something, isn't he? He is a terrible liar, very honest, and a really good kid. That's what makes this poem so darn funny. He has always been witty and great with wordplay.

two crows said...

a cynic is born!

Mando Mama said...

BWAAAHHHAAAACK! Lordy! well, that's a fine bit of verse but golly! I hope it's tongue-in-cheek.

My son will be 13 in September. Though it grates, I'm told he has the "right kind of snark." Looks like your young man does, too!

On to creative writing camp for him!