Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Post-Christmas Ponderings

As my neighbors and I pile the remains of our bacchanalian orgy of conspicuous consumption by the curb, longing for a Christmas spent before a real fire instead of a video facsimile crackling on the television and conversation with loved ones instead of grunts from family members plugged into various electrical paraphernalia, I am greeted with shouts of that ubiquitous post-holiday question, “Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?” Although I don’t wish to sound ungrateful, my answer is a heartfelt “No”. I did receive some very thoughtful presents… my husband gave me a fleece turtleneck and pants because I’m always so cold, and an armband radio so that I can retain mobility while listening to my favorite talk-radio shows. My daughters brought tears to my eyes with their handmade offerings of love, and my parents gave me a 1st edition, autographed copy of one of my favorite novels. So what is it that I long for???

I’d like more time spent together as a family. I’d like to be able to play more games, take more walks, be silly, lay in the grass with my children, count the stars, and commit more random acts of kindness for complete strangers.

I think back to the Christmas my daughters and I spent alone while my husband served in Iraq and wish that I could wrap my arms around each and every family spending this Christmas apart from their loved one and tell them that their sacrifice is acknowledged and appreciated , just as we appreciate the sacrifice their soldier makes in service to our country.

I’d like to reach out and eliminate all the hurt and pain that leads to hate so that we can realize that, though we may call Him by different names and worship Him in different ways, we are all children of the same God.

So my wish for us all next Christmas is that we get what we really need- a dumpster for all those extraneous material possessions we have that blind us to what is truly important- time together , family, forgiveness, friendship, compassion, tolerance , faith, peace, and love.



Sarge Charlie said...

I would like to one to say that I want you to fulfill every wish for next year. I also want to thank you and your husband for your service. Trust me, I know you are just as, if not more important than the soldier in harms way. We did it for 26 years with 5 children, during that period of my life I missed being home for the holidays 4 times, that was hard for me but when consider the little lady and the kids feelings, my job was easy.

Thank you and yours for what you do, we love and support your effort.

Merry Christmas and happy and safe New Year.

The old sarge

TomCat said...

Women, your wishes for next year are indeed noble. May they come true.

Hiya Sarge :-)

tstylercan said...

I don't know how you found me, but thank you for stopping by.

Because you did, I had the opportunity to "discover" you here.

Your wishes are mine, as well.

I know they won't be realized in my lifetime, but I am happy nevertheless. Every day I get a chance to do something worthwhile towards the end we share, even if it's just listening.

Or reading.

Women on the Verge said...

Thank you all so much for reading our rants. Here's wishing you a very Happy Holiday season...

Women on the Verge said...

Welcome TStylercan-
Listening and reading are two of our favorite things!

Anonymous said...

Hey WOV,

The "Post Christmas Ponderings" posting was great with some very thoughtful comments... As we pay our mortgage and bills, keep up the house, and address the many other demands on our time, the "inertia of life" sweeps us into the flow and draws us apart from those things that are truly most important. Isn't it interesting (and a bit sad) that it takes a holiday season to make us pause, become introspective, and consider these deeper, more meaningful aspects of our lives.