Friday, January 19, 2007

Save the Internet!

The possibility looms in the not so distant future that will load in a flash, yet your favorite blog,, will load slower than it takes you to drive to the dentist for four root canals and an extraction. We need to keep the internet, our last "town square", free and equally accessible to all... not just those with a few million in pocket change. After you watch the video please visit


TomCat said...

Women, thank you for an excellent vid. I fully support Net Neutrality, have signed their petitions, contacted my legislators, and posted articles in support at PP.

Women on the Verge said...


Thanks for your patience this week and your loyal support... it's meant the world!

leftdog said...

What a GREAT post!!! Thanks!

two crows said...

oh, yeah---
you can see the ads on tv--deploring net neutrality -- saying what a bad idea it is.
then, check out who's paying for those ads. the deep pockets who would benefit from the tiered interenet -- of course.

TomCat said...

Women, you're certainly welcome.

TC has it right as usual. Let's remember, were it not for the Internet, the public would never have learned about such things as the Downing Street Memos and other issues exposing Bush's many lies, because the MSM never covered such things until so many people were talking about it that they had no choice. Net Neutrality is the way to keep our voices alive and strong.

Women on the Verge said...

Sorry about the disappearing video... apparently the work of techno-gnomes... will try re-posting it.