Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A Karmic Finish

While I don't get the chance to watch much television, I have managed to catch several episodes of The Amazing Race and Survivor over the past few years. Anyone familiar with these shows will immediately recognize "The Newlyweds", Rob and Amber. For those of who have absolutely no idea who these folks are , let me give you a thumbnail sketch... think Boris and Natasha from The Bullwinkle Show... only not quite as bumblingly loveable.

In Rob and Amber's Machiavellian world, lying and cheating are just part of playing the game. The only rule they have is that there are no rules. Good sportsmanship is pathetic and laughable and a strong moral character is seen as something that will only slow you down. At least til now. Although Rob and Amber have consistently come in first and second place in these competitions, all their sleazy scheming got them this time was a cosmic smack-down. Hard as they tried to lie and cheat their way through the challenges, they came in last and were eliminated from The Amazing Race this past week.

While making the morning talk-show rounds this week, Rob lamented that it "was going to kill him" knowing that the competition was taking place and he couldn't participate. Hmmmm... so what's an amoral guy and gal with lots of time on their hands to do?

I hear Ann Coulter is looking for some new people to run her fan club...

(Special thanks to Lucy for the hard work she put into creating this image!!!)



curious38 said...

there was a spontaneous raucous cheer that erupted in our household when Rob & Amber were told they came in last. It could'nt have happend to a more deserving pair.

MichaelBains said...

The horns are cute, but the Ann-Fan add-ons are simply priceless!

And I don't even watch the show!


Jamie said...

Delighted they came to a crashing end. Just noticed the "housisms". Hugh Laurie is an absolute treasure.

Women on the Verge said...




Yep.. Lucy did a great job!


I was delighted too...considering their abyssmal characters, I'm just wondering how long it'll take them to decide to throw their hats into the presidential nomination ring...

Have to agree with you about Hugh. Lucy and I are both big House fans!


Bart said...

I wish I didn't know who those two were, but there is some solace in the fact that they failed failed failed failed failed.

Rob is a perfect example of the kind of guy that I'd like to slap once, really hard, right across the face.

With a shovel.

Not Your Mama said...

I seriously did not not know who they were but they seem like poster children for why I've never warmed up to "reality" television.

Glad to hear they crashed and burned for whatever it's worth ;).

pissed off patricia said...

I watched the race when it first came on the tv scene. I liked seeing the different countries the way the show covered them. But like everything else it got old after a while and I haven't watched it since.

Deb said...

I play on a poker site with "stars" and Rob is one of them (what's he ever done?). And I think it's funny because everyone pretty much ignores him and many ask him "who he is" and "what he's starred in". The fact that you can be totally famous for absolutely nothing is rather disheartening, isn't it?

Women on the Verge said...


I am not a person prone to violence, but I've gotta admit he does make you want to slug him if only to wipe that smirk off his face...


I've only watched those shows a handful of times myself so I was suprised by my reaction to their "crash and burn"... it was oh so satisfying ;-)


Yep... I've never really gotten into any of those shows myself. I love Discover and The History channel... although I do have that "House" habit...


That's got to be a beautiful sight... it's got to kill him when he doesn't get "the star treatment"... I can just hear him in a restaurant " Don't you know who I AM???!!!" Ick...