Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Disappointing LOST...

Last night’s LOST was most definitely a snoozer. As an avid fan, I was greatly disappointed in the lack of any new revelations, either about the island or the characters’ pasts. The episode featured Hurley flashbacks with a stunt-casting cameo of Cheech Marin as Hurley’s dad.

In order for LOST to maintain its fan base, it has to provide a steady stream of information and/or intrigue. Last evening fell short on both counts.

For more with spoilers/specific episode info… click “Read More”

We already knew that Hurley won the lottery. We also knew that he had terrible luck and quite possibly a curse hanging over his head related to using “the numbers” to win the multi million dollar jackpot. People were dying around him. All of those facts were basically restated in a serious of predictable events such as the interview in front of Mr. Cluck’s which ended with a meteor strike and a dead news crew. Same shit, different day.

A very small glimpse into Hurley’s childhood set up a heavy handed connection to the present day. As Hurley tried to start a car that he was fixing with his father, he was told to “hope”. The car still didn’t start and Daddy disappeared on a motorcycle, with quite possibly the worst wig I have ever seen, for 17 years leaving Hurley with a bar of chocolate. The hope and the car connected to the discovery of a VW van on the island. I suppose at some point, Hurley’s abandonment issues with his manipulative father may come into play… but I hope not.

There was really no reason for the van. No reason for any of the storyline. The best parts were when Sawyer joined Hurley, Charlie, and Jin. The joking camaraderie and insults made the episode tolerable.

Kate took off to find Jack, but first she had to get “help”. How predictable was it that she would go find Rousseau, telling her that Alex (Rousseau’s daughter) is with the Others? I saw that one coming a mile away… or however far away their own private Alcatraz was.

All in all, a substandard episode. If LOST doesn’t find its way back to the formula that made it a success, ABC may find that fans are going to get lost….


Gene Bach said...

I ain't reading the rest until AFTER I get to watch it on the computer when I get home! LOL!

leftdog said...

The only thing that surprised me was when I sat bolt upright on the couch and yelled ... OH MY GAWD, THE FRENCH WOMAN!! because I didn't see that coming .... no the Hurley background was sorta interesting - at least the weight thing and all... his mother WAS wierd ... his dad ... was that one of the guys from Cheech & Chong??

I needed a bigger fix last night then what I got .... still hooked though!

pissed off patricia said...

Since I watch very little night time tv, I got nothing here. So I'll use this space to wish you a great weekend. :)

Claire said...

I haven't read the 'read more' bit as i haven't even watched all the first series. It is bit too drawn out for me, but i may give it a go in the future.
Thanks for popping by, do you feel enlightened now by knowing what a minger is?
Also as a point of interest do you know what a Chav is?

Mags said...

Oh, I don't know. I kind of liked the easiness of this episode. I think it's nice when they sprinkle in a little happiness and random things-it makes it more realistic.

I found it to be a nice break from all of the heavy "Try to figure this out" stuff they usually do-which I love, but still-it was a nice break.

Women on the Verge said...

Hmmm.... I re-watched the epi with my son and I can't help but think there might have been a little offhand clue in there. The map in the van, perhaps?

Marva said...

The Lost writers don't usually throw stuff in without a reason. Possibly the van will help in recovering Jack from the Others.

I missed the map, but if there was one, then it makes sense that the discovery of the van isn't a random event.

I wasn't surprised about Rousseau and would have been disappointed in Kate if she didn't think to get Rousseau's help.

Claire said...

will provide you with chav definition soon, was just putting the feelers out to see if that expression had made it to the US.

busterp said...

I liked this one.

Good old Hurley. A little comic relief one week will make the next dramatic episode seem more intense. The French woman and her daughter are intriguing.

That's my opinion and I'm standing by it. Ha.

Nice blog. I'll be back.