Saturday, February 10, 2007

Enough with Anna Nicole!

First of all, she was a "celebrity" for taking off her clothes, marrying an ailing old millionaire, gaining weight, being an ass on television as she bullied everyone around her, losing weight with Trimspa (which basically is like those flat toys that expand when hit with water), acting like she was drunk/stoned and stupid, refusing to have a paternity test for her child, her oldest child's tragic death in her hospital room, and now dying young. She isn't a "tragic figure". She was a publicity whore. And now, in death, she continues to dominate the news.

Let's tell MSNBC to stop the insanity. No need for trash talk. (I did that already, above... I couldn't help myself... I'm on the verge...) Just email them to stop! The goal is to fill Abrams email box by Monday morning.

MSNBC Contacts : Just click it'll open your email :

Thanks to Colorado Bob for the code and the suggestion!


**A Note added 2/11: I understand why my comments have irritated some readers, and for that I apologize. Anna Nicole did nothing to deserve celebrity and I am tired of the media constantly pushing her death into the news. I was not a fan of hers, obviously and my post would have read the same during her life and I'm sure it would not be met with negativity because it is the truth. I sincerely hope that you will contact the media and ask for an end to the constant loop of ANS news. If not because of reasons related to her, because you wish to deflect attention from her child, who will suffer from being in the middle of this mayhem.


Not Your Mama said...

I can't argue with any of that, it's all true and I'm also sick to death of the non-stop media fest about it.

I have to confess though. I always felt sorry for her. Her and other women like her (you know, the Pamela Sue's, the Britanny's, etc.).

Attractive women (or would be if they had any sense) who could never value themselves for anything more than their sexual appeal to men. To me that is the tragedy.

Anonymous said...


I find your comments Heartless and Cold.

To me it is obvious that during her life she received a great deal of bad advice and lacked the benefit of positive guidance. Yes, she certainly lacked many of the characteristics we would like to see in our daughter's, however,lets not harp on her mistakes. Let's stop and remember that she left a five month old defenseless infant with no one to raise her - at least until this paternity suit is finished. Who knows what that poor child will be left to face. Certainly at this point she is defenseless to the circling vultures looking for the quick cash.

Not your mama- I agree, this is a tragedy.

I was raised to believe that if you cannot say something nice about someone, SAY NOTHING!!

Women on the Verge said...

Well, anonymous, you are right. My comments were heartless and cold... and true. The woman made bad choices throughout her life.

Nevertheless, her daughter does not deserve to be at the center of a media maelstorm. If Anna had made some better decisions, at least the question of where the child belongs wouldn't generate more negative publicity. And no matter what anyone says about her lack of guidance, the decisions were hers to make.

As for "if you cannot say something nice about someone, SAY NOTHING!!", this blog often says out loud what some may not agree with or may deem politically incorrect. I think there are a lot of folks who agree that ANS did not deserve the media attention she received in life or in death.

My hope is that by demanding the media attention stop, whoever is in charge of the fate of Smith's daughter will be able to find the best home possible for a child born into horrible circumstances, without the media clamoring to record every sordid moment. The networks may not let Smith rest in peace, but her daughter should be able to live in peace.

RUTH said...

Our news over here seems full of it many other things going on in the may seem heartless but I feel more important news shoud be focused on.

Anonymous said...

I am truly disappointed with this post. Regardless of what she did, she was a person and a mother. Her choices were just that, hers. If you are truly interested in the best interest of the child, than as others have said if you have nothing nice to say, than say nothing. There had to be a better way to get your point out there than trashing Anna.

Anonymous said...

Who's 'truth' are you refering to?

Anonymous said...

Certainly there are other publicity 'whore's' that are alive and well that should be off MSNBC. How about a campain to keep Rosie and Donald off?
She is definately a tragic figure. You said yourself in your blog the death of her son in her hospital room is tragic. Not much could be worse. Kudo's to her for continuing to try to find happiness after that.
I don't really think that Anna was marketed to the heterosexual female crowd. Since you aren't her target no one wanted you to like her but what guy in the hypothetical situation of "no one will ever know" wouldn't love to have that sexy biotch!!
Her child doesn't need to hear about the flurry of articles and blogs slamming her momma as she grows up. We need to look inside ourselves and remember we are all on this earth together and to stab anyone when they are down is no way to live.

Not Your Mama said...

Oh dear, sorry you've caught so much flak.

This post did not in any way offend me, I hear far more offensive material in the MSM every day. You simply vented frustration at the media circus over this when we have as Ruth said, far more important events going on.

If it HAD offended me I would have said so...and signed my name to it.