Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm still LOST

I watched Lost last evening, waiting for the reveal of "Three of the Biggest Mysteries Answered", or something to that effect. I'm still baffled. Perhaps even more confused than previously.

Last week's episode featuring Desmond was much better, although it left me saying, "Huh?" numerous times throughout. For comments that may contain spoilers, click "Read more..."

So last night we saw the story of Jack's tattoos. For me, it didn't seem to tell us much that we didn't already know. He is a leader, he is ambivalent, his tattoos and the experience surrounding them confirms it. Got it. Big ho-hum. More intriguing is the appearance of Stewardess Cindy and the children, all of whom were taken by the Others in Season 1. Her cryptic comment, "We're here to watch," left me wishing the episode had focused more on that story than on Jack's inking. Personally, I have assumed that those taken by the Others were alive and being used in some nefarious way, so seeing them wasn't really a big shocker either.

So the 3 big reveals? I guess it was the translation of Jack's tattoos, " You walk among us but you are not one of us," or something to that effect; the fact that the Taken from flight 815 are alive and supposedly living a life better than the survivors; and .... um... I don't know. What's the third question answered? Can anyone help me out here?


leftdog said...

Yes ... a confusing episode ... BUT .. you're correct, I don't remember any mysteries being solved ... just more questions to ask ... like ... wtf is going on in this series?

Yet I'm hooked on this show.

Anonymous said...

Glad I found your blog.

I feel like getting lost. I'm getting quite impatient with the show. The commercials are more misleading than the characters' actions.