Thursday, February 15, 2007

Questions for Our Readers

A few days ago I asked if anyone would be interested in my views on certain TV shows. Thanks to those who responded! I plan to discuss Lost, House, and others during the coming weeks.

This is where the question comes in: I know that some of you, in other parts of the world, may be in different places as far as episodes aired. I would love to know if:

A) Where are you in terms of seasons/episodes of the series you watch?
B) Do you wish this to be spoiler free?
C) Would you like potential spoilers to be hidden (linked to)?

Off to re-watch my tape of Lost from last night! Gotta go frame by frame for that... um... hmm... guess I'll wait to hear from you before I say!



PipeTobacco said...


Thank you very much for reading and commenting on my blog. I have glanced through your blog as well and plan to come back often and will comment on specific essays in the next day or two. I can also see I would like to include you on my "Blogroll" presuming that is acceptable. If so, on my next update of the Blogroll, I will include yours.

Again, thank you. I will be looking forward to talking with you more via both of our sites.


Women on the Verge said...

pipe tobacco-

We are honored that you would like to include us and look forward to your comments :-)



Here ya go ... Start writing about "Ancient Discoveries" every Tuesday Night on the History Channel. [Insert Smiley Face Here]

Here's a bit of code .... Because a girl can't have too much code.

The Best Damn Script You Can Get

Gene Bach said...

Don't be a spoiler! When I get home tonight I'll watch last night's Lost episode on the computer and then I'll be all caught up.

I hadn't even seen the show until the girl that lives with us got the first two seasons at Christmas. We had a Lost marathon the next few days! LOL!

I also like House. I can relate to him.


leftdog said...

Okay ... I should have suspected you were a Lost fan .... I am TOTALLY addicted to Lost - it is great to find more with that particular affliction. (I even got the boxed set of last years season for Christmas from one of my nephews).

What theroy do you adhere to for the island, etc. (Haven't the last 2 weeks been great??)

Women on the Verge said...
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Women on the Verge said...

Oh, leftdog... You have to give me your email so we can talk offline. I don't want to ruin it for anyone... You can reach me at

Did you play the Alternate Reality Game over the summer? It was amazing... I can't wait to play this year.

Did you read The Bad Twin? Go to :

I wrote an interesting piece about intertextual allusions and links between the book and the show.

This week's episode left me completely thrown. I love Desmond and Penny! But I stop here... just in case our overseas friends aren't up to date.

Oops, sorry for the above deleted post... I had to add to it.

Gledwood said...

I find lost even more difficult to follow than Desperate Housewives. And 2b honest I'd prefer DH because of the comedy element. I don't see why I should invest my time/imagination in someone else's silly intrigue unless it REALLY grabs me which most telly doesn't ... what was my point here?? O I dunno... sorry!!

RUTH said...

Still waiting here to see the next series of LOST. If it doesn't come on soon I may beg you to be a spoiler just so that I know what's happening.It's on SKY 1 but we don't have that. Have seen that Greys Anatomy starting here again soon!

Women on the Verge said...

So, gledwood, what telly DOES grab you?

As a diehard X files fan, I love a good conspiracy theory and LOST fills that bill spectacularly.


Small Town Teacher said...

I live completely on the other side of the country ... in a different country at that and the ironic thing is that I get Fox Rochester, so I probably watch House at the exact same time you do!

Women on the Verge said...

Where are you? How funny that we are watching on the same network if you are so far away!